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  • 4 places to swim like

    in ancient history

    The famous Turkish Coastline offer something rather special: the opportunity to swim in and over and close to magnificent Ancient Cities. The whole country is full of a rich cultural heritage but to swim and snorkel amongst the remains of past civilisations is something that you will never forget. Many of the most important settlements of the cultures that passed through and once ruled these lands were built right on the seaside and were once mighty ports and cities. What could be more pleasant than to imagine past glories whilst swimming through them?

    Here you can find some beautiful beaches in Türkiye where you can enjoy swimming in history…

    Ancient City of Patara and Patara Beach
    Patara Beach is at the heart of the Lycian Way, a long-distance walking route through thousands of years of civilization along the Mediterranean Coast. The beach is protected both for its historical importance and because it is one of the nesting grounds of the Caretta Caretta Sea Turtles. At 20 km long it is also the longest beach in the Eastern Mediterranean and is famous for its golden sands. For all these reasons it is the perfect place to go swimming with the ancient city as a backdrop. And the sunset from the sand dunes is simply stunning. No wonder it has been the setting for so many old Turkish movies. Shallow waters and golden sands embrace you as you swim in the warm sea of Patara Beach.
    When you walk towards the ancient city from Patara Beach, you come to the ruins of Patara, once the much celebrated capital of the Lycian League. The Ancient City of Patara boasts many substantial old buildings including a huge theatre, the Roman Baths and the Council House. The Roman aqueduct that brought fresh water to the city is also well worth a visit.

    Ancient City of Olympos and Olympos Beach
    The Ancient Port of Olympos combines the verdant green of the forests with the turquoise blue of the sea all in the shade of Beydağları Mountains at the heart of a National Park. It was once a major port frequented by sailors, merchants and pirates. If you walk through the ancient city along the river you come to the beach. This pristine pebbly beach with an exceptionally clean sea offers a view of the mountains, the sea and lush forests. You can cool off in the shade of the trees in Olympos Beach after having succumbed to the warm waters of the Mediterranean.
    A visit to the ruins of the Ancient City of Olympos is a must. You will be transported back in time in a beautiful setting and be able to imagine the sailors who stopped by here hundreds of years ago.

    Ancient City of Phaselis and Phaselis Beach
    The Ancient City of Phaselis and Phaselis Beach, one of the best-preserved ancient cities in the Antalya region are located in the same Beydağları National Park as the Ancient City of Olympos. Phaselis boasted not one but three ports and all three have beaches from which you can swim. The ports are the North (Military) Port, the Central Port and the South Port. The North and Central ports are adjacent to each other, whereas the South port is a 10-15 minute walk through the Ancient City. You can cool off under the trees and picnic on the Phaselis beaches whilst you enjoy the sea and the sun all day.
    The Ancient City of Phaselis dates back to 3 thousand years. Amongst the notable remains of earlier times are buildings and works dating back to the Hellenistic and Roman Ages. They include: the ruins of the aqueduct built for transporting water to the city, the ruins of the theatre and the substantial Roman Baths. The streets and agorae that link the North and South Ports are evidence of a once crowded and lively city. The necropolis where the Temple of Zeus and stone tombs are located are well worth visiting.

    Ancient City of Side and Side Beach
    The pillars of the magnificent Temple of Apollo in Side on the Mediterranean Coast are one of the most picturesque symbols of Antalya. The Ancient City of Side is located not far from the city centre, of Antalya and it always been a major attraction due to its gorgeous and magnificently preserved ancient structures.
    After seeing the pillars of the Temple of Apollo, the City Agora, the Vespasianus Monument in the Ancient City you can enjoy a relaxing swim in the Mediterranean Sea and Antalya's year-round sunshine.
    Side is a superb example of ancient history right on the Mediterranean Sea with sunshine and an inviting sea.