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  • five islands in Türkiye

    Türkiye offers something different in each season, always a pleasurable experience, always a delight wherever you choose to go. But it is especially worth seeing in the summer months. Lively coves, beaches, historical places, excellent food and much much more. If you want to spend your summer holidays in Türkiye, here are some ideas for 5 islands you can visit!

    Bozcaada (Bozca Island): Coves, Beaches and Narrow Streets
    The first island is near Çanakkale at the mouth of the Dardanelles (Gallipoli) Straits. You can catch a ferry from Geyilkli. Bozcaada is beautiful the whole year round. As you arrive at the island you are greeted by the Castle overlooking the harbour. The Castle is well worth a visit. You can wander down the narrow streets between beautiful and colourful houses which is very picturesque. You can taste some Bozcaada Almond Cookies, one of the famous delicacies of the island, and taste ice cream flavoured with the famous local fragrant lavender. Thyme is also found in abundance on the island and the local berries and fruits are used to make colourful jams served at breakfast time. Bozcaada is a wonderful island and makes for a memorable and extraordinary holiday. On a short visit you should visit: the Bozcaada Museum, the Ayazma Monastery, and the Church of Mother Mary all accessible on a short journey through the history of the island. And, if you’re there at sunset, you should go to the Polente Lighthouse for some wonderful views. 

    Gökçeada (Gökçe Island): Tranquillity and Peaceful
    The second island is also near Çanakkale at the mouth of the Dardanelles (Gallipoli) Straits. There is a ferry from Çanakkale on the Asian side of the straits or from north of Eceabat at Kabatepe on the European side. Gökçeada was formerly Greek and is relatively unspoilt. It is remarkable for its untouched coves and breath-taking views. Old Greek villages worth visiting include: Kaleköy, Zeytinli, Tepeköy, Bademli and Dereköy. In Gökçeada you can nourish your skin in the natural mud baths at Aydıncık Beach, drink Turkish coffee in cafés at the top of Kaleköy and tour around the narrow streets of the island. If you want to witness a spectacular sunset at the end of the day in Gökçeada, you can climb up to the top of Uğurlu Village and experience the colourful scene as the sun goes down. Do not leave Gökçeada without seeing the Salt Lake, Cheese Rocks and Rock Tombs! 

    Cunda Island: A Great Spot for Complete Tranquillity
    Cunda Island, also known as Alibey Island, is situated just off the coast near Ayvalık between Çanakkale and İzmir on the north Aegean Coast. There is a road bridge that connects the Island to the mainland. The Island offers an utterly different beauty in each season and offers its visitors a colourful and memorable holiday experience. The old Greek architecture is especially interesting with old houses, houses with bow windows and narrow streets. It is especially renowned for its excellent sea-side restaurants and delicious sea food. Amongst the things to do on Cunda Island are visiting the Lovers’ Hill for its amazing views, visiting the Panagia Church, and going to Sevim and Necdet Kent Library. You should also visit Taksiyarhis Church for its exceptional neo-classical architecture and the Rahmi M. Koç Museum. You could also add drinking a Turkish Coffee made with Gum Mastic and tasting ice crem with mastic. A memorable experience is waiting for you on your Cunda holiday. 

    Büyükada: A Peaceful Holiday Getaway Close by İstanbul
    Büyükada (lit: Big Island) is the largest of the Princes Islands located close to the City Centre in the heart of İstanbul. There are ferry services from the Eminönü, Kadıköy and Bostancı docks. Words don’t do justice to Büyükada. The island welcomes thousands of guests every year thanks to its tranquillity, natural beauty, old houses, and much more. In order to leave the noise and chaos behind and have a memorable summer holiday you should visit Büyükada. 

    Sedir Island: A Fascinating Island with Snow-white Sands
    Sedir Island is located to the north side of the Marmaris peninsula north of the town of Marmaris on the southern Aegean Coast. It is a culturally rich destination that attracts lots of visitors not only for its proximity to the bustling resort of Marmaris but also for Ancient City of Kedrai and the world-famous Cleopatra Beach which never fail to amaze. The island gets its name from the Cedar trees on the island. If you happen to find yourself in Marmaris in summer, you should go and see Sedir Island.