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  • the best beaches in Türkiye

    Here are lists of some of the Best Beaches in Türkiye depending on what you like to do at the seaside!

    5 Beaches Perfect for Water Sports

    Türkiye is surrounded on three sides by the sea and, therefore, is the perfect destination for water sports lovers! Türkiye boasts beaches with reliable wind and good surf which create countless opportunities for water sports. Here are 5 beaches in Türkiye suitable for water sports that are just waiting for surfers, windsurfers and kitesurfers!

    Alaçatı: The Number One Destination in Türkiye for Windsurfing!
    Alaçatı, a low-key holiday resort near Çeşme and 75 km west of İzmir, is an attractive small town with cobblestone streets surrounded by bougainvillea and geraniums. It is also the best place in Türkiye to go windsurfing. Experiencing windsurfing in Alaçatı means reliable winds on its deep blue bays and beaches and is a memorable experience.

    Akyaka: A Kitesurfer’s Paradise!
    Akyaka in Ula welcomes thousands of guests ever year with its clear waters, green nature and much more. This pleasant holiday village is famous for kitesurfing. The kitesurfing area has an exceptionally long beach, shallow water and short waves and thus offers a superb environment in which to enjoy kitesurfing.

    Sürmene: Kitesurfing on the Black Sea (Karadeniz)!
    Sürmene is on the Black Sea 40 km from Trabzon at the eastern end of Türkiye’s Black Sea Coast. The Black Sea is less well known than the Mediterranean or Aegean both as a holiday destination and as a place for water sports opportunities. For those who want to explore somewhere a bit different it is well worth visiting for the chance to go kitesurfing and diving. In recent years it has started to be recognised by lovers of outdoor sports. If you want to do kitesurfing in the Black Sea, you need to be a good swimmer as the currents are strong. Kitesurfing over the wild waves of the Karadeniz is an exceptional experience.

    Kuşadası: A Top Destination for Water Sports!
    Kuşadası is 100 km south of İzmir on the southern part of Türkiye’s Aegean Coast. The most popular water sport is parasailing but in summertime you can try lots of water-based activities. The summer months are better for parasailing as there is more wind. You can also have the opportunity to try other activities including windsurfing and water-skiing in Kuşadası.

    Alanya: Set your compass for here to try Windsurfing!
    Alanya is 130 km east of Antalya on Türkiye’s Mediterranean Coast. Due to the excellent winds and sea it has become one of the best locations in the country for windsurfing. You have the opportunity to go windsurfing in several locations including Cleopatra Beach, Oba Beach and Galipdere Beach. 

    The 5 Most Beautiful Beaches on the Mediterranean Coast

    The Southern Coasts of Türkiye combine the turquoise blue of the Mediterranean Sea with the verdant green of nature and the rich golden colour of sand. The famous beaches of the Mediterranean Coast welcome hundreds of thousands of guests every year. There are countless options in Antalya, Mersin and Hatay for anyone who want to enjoy the sea and the sun and here we have compiled some of the most beautiful Mediterranean Beaches for you to explore.

    Kaputaş Beach
    (near Kaş & Kalkan, 125 km from Dalaman Airport, 210 km from Antalya Airport)
    Kaputaş Beach, located near Kaş in the most westerly part of Antalya Province, has featured on many tourism posters over the years and is a firm favourite amongst locals and visitors alike. This isn’t a mass tourism region and there are no big resort hotels rather just small friendly boutique hotels. The narrow beach is accessed via stairs down from the main road with tall cliffs rising to both sides of the V-shaped gorge. It’s very picturesque and well worth straying off-the-beaten-track for.

    Kleopatra Beach
    (Alanya, 130 km east from Antalya)
    Cleopatra Beach is famous for its golden sands on the eastern coast of Antalya and is named after the legendary queen of the Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra. This roughly 2 km long beach hosted Cleopatra and her lover the Roman General Mark Antony on its unmatched sands. Entrance is free to Cleopatra Beach where you can rent sunbeds and parasols to warm up in the Mediterranean sun and then to cool off in the deep blue sea.

    Patara Beach
    (near Kaş & Kalkan, 115 km from Dalaman Airport, 235 km from Antalya Airport)
    Patara Beach, which stretches further than the eye can see, is 20 km long. It is the longest beach in the Eastern Mediterranean. You can enjoy amazing views of the sunset from the sand dunes on Patara Beach which located adjacent to the Ancient City of Patara. With its shallow waters, soft sand, and golden coast, Patara Beach is an incomparable destination not just for sun seeking but also for sea turtles laying their eggs. For this reason the beach is off-limits at night-time. You can enjoy communing with nature on the same beach where the Caretta Caretta sea turtles come to nest.

    Kızkalesi Beach
    (Erdemli, Mersin, 475 km from Antalya)
    This special place offers you the chance to swim with a backdrop of the Maiden’s Castle rising from the water in the middle of the sea. The Blue Flag Kızkalesi Beach in Mersin, Erdemli is among the most favoured of all the beaches in the Mediterranean. Kızkalesi Beach is suitable for non-swimmers and families with children to enjoy the sea because of its shallow waters which do get deep even at a distance of 50 m from the shore. For the inquisitive there is the option to rent bikes to explore the Maiden’s Castle (Kızkalesi).

    Çevlik Beach
    (Samandağ, Hatay 25 km from Antakya, close to the Syrian Border)
    The 14 km long Çevlik Beach is one of the longest beaches in Türkiye. Çevlik Beach is famous for its golden sands and shallow waters and it is remarkably close to Titus Tüneli the first man-made tunnel in the world and is a marvel of Roman engineering. The construction of this 130 m long and 15 m wide tunnel was ordered by the Roman Emperor Titus, to transport water from the mountain to the harbour. There are numerous cafés and restaurants around Çevlik Beach where you can dine and have drinks. If you have plenty of time you can go to Çevlik Village to see the ruins of the Ancient City of Piera.