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  • beaches Black Sea

    Türkiye’s Black Sea coast is a dramatically beautiful part of the country, but not usually at the top of the list for those that are only looking for sand-and-sun. Beach life in the north of the country is best combined with a cultural holiday. Because it’s in the north of the country the season is shorter. The best time to visit for sun, sand and sea is in July and August.

    The Black Sea Region does boast some impressive beaches. The sandy beaches along the Black Sea coast tend to be small. The land is lush and green, and the dairy products wonderful, but that’s because growing things get lots of rain, and the cows eat lush green. Also, the Black Sea is quite fantastically deep, which accounts in part for the chilly temperature of its waters.

    The port of Samsun is renowned for its beautiful nature. The city’s Atakum Beach is the longest beach on Türkiye’s Black Sea coast. Samsun’s lively bars and excellent restaurants await all visitors.

    With its long beach, clean sea and air, Kilyos -the pearl of the Black Sea coast- welcomes visitors from İstanbul and all around the world and also hosts concerts. 

    Amongst the places to explore for beaches include:
    for Akçakoca.

    for Sazköy, Filyos, Göbü and Ereğli.

    Bartın for Amasra, Kurucaşile, İnkumu and Çakraz.

    Kastamonu for İnebolu and Çatalzeytin.

    Sinop for Ayancık, Gerze and Karakum.

    Samsun for Atakum Beach (Plaji), Fener Beach (Plaji) and Yakakent.

    Ordu for Ünye, Çamlık and Fatsa.

    Giresun for Uluburun and Asarkaya.

    Trabzon for Albatros, Sürmene and Kaşüstü.

    Rize for Alipaşa, Hamidiye and Çayeli

    Artvin for Arhavi, Kemalpaşa and Hopa