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  • beaches İstanbul &
    the bosphorus

    The resorts on the Sea of Marmara which were traditionally the weekend playgrounds of those trying to get out of İstanbul are also developing into international destinations. Here are a few suggestions:

    In İstanbul and the suburbs

    • Yeşilköy Çiroz Beach
      A free of charge beach located in the Bakırköy district 8 km from the centre of Bakırköy. the district where it is connected. It boasts a children’s playground, toilet facilities and a picnic area.
    • Florya Güneş Beach
      One of the most convenient beaches from the İstanbul city centre is Güneş Beach. It boasts of long stretches of sand. Perfect for a quick day trip, this İstanbul Beach sits just nearby the Florya station.

    • Florya Menekşe Beach
      This public beach with 620 m of coastline is free of charge and is located in Florya. It is equipped with 200 deck chairs, 200 umbrellas, 3 life-saving stations, 8 changing rooms, café and a car park.
    • Tarabya Beach
      Tarabya Beach is an iconic beach located in Yeşilçam. It was rebranded in 2015 as Big Chef's Tarabya. You have to pay to use the facilities, but this is a great place to swim in the heart of the city. It is open from 10.00 until 18.00. The beach has a capacity of 100 people, and the facilities include: a restaurant, showers, changing rooms and beach towels.

    • Kilyos
      Kilyos, also known as Kumköy, is a village located in the Sarıyer district of İstanbul. It is also a well-known seaside resort on the Black Sea coast of the European side of İstanbul famous for its beaches.

    Here are some notable beaches in the further suburbs of İstanbul: Beykoz Küçüksu Beach, Riva Beach, Suadiye Beach, Tuzla Halk Beach, Silivri, Büyükçekmece, Semizkum.

    • Şile
      The Asian suburb of Şile on the Black Sea is a famous İstanbul escape: here are some of the beaches to be found there: Ayazma Beach, Uzunkum Beach, Ağlayankaya Beach, Kumbaba Beach.
    • Princes’ Islands
      The Prince Islands are an archipelago off the coast of İstanbul in the Sea of Marmara. The islands constitute the Adalar district of İstanbul Province. They consist of four larger islands, Büyükada (Big Island), Heybeliada (Saddlebag Island), Burgazada (Fortress Island) and Kınalıada (Henna Island) and five much smaller ones.