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  • World’s third blue flag-awarded beach destination!

    Türkiye is the top choice for Mediterranean holidays, ranking third in the world with a total of 519 Blue Flag beaches!

    Türkiye’s beaches impress with their cleanliness and safety, as well as their unique nature. The most obvious proof of this is the beaches that have been awarded a Blue Flag, one of the most prestigious tourism and environmental awards in the world.

    The Blue Flag award is given by the non-governmental organization FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education), which is known worldwide for its sustainable environmental studies.

    The FEE gives a global identity to the beaches that meet the cleaning, environment, education, security, and access criteria at advanced standards!

    As of 2021, the number of Blue Flag beaches in Türkiye will increase to 213 in Antalya, 106 in Muğla, 66 in İzmir, 39 in Aydın, 36 in Balıkesir, 9 in Mersin, and 7 in Kocaeli. In total, their number will reach 519! With this number, Türkiye ranked third among the 50 countries included in the FEE program. In addition to beaches, 22 marinas, 10 tourism boats, and 6 individual yachts were awarded the Blue Flag this year.